Sunday, September 20, 2009

in the shape of a...

pumpkin! In celebration of our "decorate for fall" day on Thursday, I made our biscuits in the shape of pumpkins. I wanted to try a from-scratch recipe so I used Ina Garten's Chive Biscuits recipe, even though I didn't want the herbs in them this time. She had mentioned in her show that she uses the base recipe and then flavors them however she wants...fresh herbs, cheeses, whatever you fancy, but I just wanted plain biscuits for our dinner. (If you can even call them "plain" when there's homemade strawberry jam involved. Yum.)

We all gave two thumbs up on the way the biscuits turned out. They were thinner than what we usually think of for a biscuit, but that didn't seem to matter. Taste and texture were nice, and the recipe was easy to throw together for a nice addition to our meal. I could taste little pockets of butter and I think I was able to achieve that from freezing my stick of butter for a few minutes before I added it to the other ingredients to keep it as cold as possible so it wouldn't melt until it got in the oven. I do think at some point I will try out Alton Brown's biscuit recipe and see how they compare. I wouldn't mind having a great fluffier biscuit recipe too.

And, for the record, this was my husband's favorite of the three new recipes I tried for dinner Thursday night. I think I will have to concur.

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